When choosing a sales trainer or sales program its logical that you’ll first ask, what does my team need, and what key outcomes can I expect from this? When looking at your business and team we ask exactly the same questions and then work backwards from there, creating a unique and individual training and coaching program that is designed specifically to address the skill or attitude deficits apparent with your people.

Our desire to deliver to the training needs of NZ Sales teams was based on a couple of key factors.

We’ve interview thousands of salespeople and by and large have discovered the majority of salespeople go about their day to day work without any grand design, and secondly, the very strong sales and business development background in the BuildPeople team.  

There is a significant and key difference with our content and method of delivery that sets us apart from other providers in the market. We believe that the attitude, drive and understanding of your sales team will push you ahead of your competitors and grow your market share.   

We don’t come in and download sales training regardless of the skill level or motivation of your people, we take the time to understand your market and the challenges facing your people before we create our content and style of delivery. It’s unusual for us to deliver in a block of two or three days as medical studies have proven this method of training to be ineffective with trainees struggling to retain the volume of information provided. Its also not great for sales to have your team off the road for this amount of time! We will break down catered content into digestible sessions over a period of weeks and then follow these team sessions up with individual coaching to ensure that the content is supported in the field. The great thing about this approach is, it works! Not only can you take our word for it but please check our testimonials page. We can also provide others on request.


Conferences and One-Off Presentations

Often at our clients request we go an deliver snap presentations to fit in with events in their business. A couple of recent examples are a “Creating better conversations” dicussion with an Insulation sales team who wanted to learn more about this art given they have a new market segment to attack, and a “Motivation and Easy Wins” presentation for a corporate handtools distributor who have just been given their new (and bigger!) budget for 2012/2013. We will still research the business and prepare before delivering, and typically these are two or three hours interactive group sessions. We also love conferences and have presented on several different subjects at individual client request. Please contact us for more information regarding this.



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