I write this reference in support of the Build People recruitment team. Not only was Jeremy my recruiter of choice when it came time to explore my own career options, but I’ve also used Build People for a variety of roles across the Dysart business, from senior operations through to sales, manufacturing and administration.

Daniel Wilson, General Manager - Dystart Timbers Ltd

The process of dealing Build People has been a really great experience. There were definite differences between all candidates, and it was the strengths of each one that had really made this a great experience. 

The candidate we chose is an exact fit to what we were looking for and we thank you very much for your work. 

This has not only been a successful interaction but an equally enjoyable one. 
Thank you to the Build People team. 


Craig Honeyman, Director - Accurate Australia

Thank you Build People for your work recruiting our CFO position. Your candidates were all relevant to the role, and commercially viable as potential hires for us. The decision in the end was a tough one. 

You demonstrated the ability to take a very thorough brief and match candidates perfectly to that brief. Great work, well done!

Aldo Sustar, CEO - Ardex NZ

 I consider the Build People business to be absolutely at the top of its game when it comes to Executive Recruitment, and I have utilised their specialised market knowledge to my advantage many times.  Jeremy was utilised to replace my role when I retired from GIB because we needed deep forensic knowledge of key executives with the right skills and reputation. More recently, Build People appointed me to the board at Windowmakers and have partnered with us in selecting key staff to enable our growth plans.

Jerry Hirst, Board Member - Windowmakers

Here at Trade Tested, we're constantly reviewing what it's going to take to move our business and customer experience to the next level. A major part of this is the talent and calibre of the people we bring in - their experience, character, and attitude. To say the team from Build People has delivered a high level of candidates would be an understatement. Talent acquisition is no longer about advertising reach. It's about networks: who you know, who they know, and just as importantly, who you don't know. Build People are experts in using every available channel to source those amazing people you never knew were out there. They get to know your business and understand what's working and what's not. Their communication is excellent, and they move with your needs. I can't recommend them highly enough. The time we've saved and the confidence we've gained in finding great people through using the Build People team has been a game changer for our business.

Dan Albertsen, CEO - Trade Tested

Finding a new job can be a time consuming and stressful process – thanks to Build People, this wasn’t the case.
As a candidate, I found the whole process to be incredibly straight forward. I worked closely with Jeremy and Operations Manager Bryar, both of whom communicated with me clearly and took a lot of the stress out of moving jobs.
After starting my role as General Manager at BuildLink, it became clear that we needed help with our own recruitment. Being a Cooperative of 39 stores across New Zealand has plenty of challenges – hence why we needed to join forces with a business that has a national reach and can cover any kind of role for us.
Partnering with Build People just makes sense. They have now placed staff in multiple BuildLink stores across New Zealand.
If you are looking for a recruitment partner that is well connected and understands your business, then the choice is clear.

It’s Build People - all day every day.

Simon Burden, CEO - BuildLink

We have been working with Build People to recruit for a number of sales and administrative roles. Any successful recruitment company should be accessible, communicate proactively, be professional and reliable, and build a positive rapport. All of these boxes have been ticked. The service from Build People has set itself apart in two very important respects. Firstly, there has been a focus on building a thorough understanding of both the duties associated with each role as well as our company culture and the style of person that will be the best fit for our business. Secondly, there has been a set process for each stage of the recruitment process which makes it easy to work through the assignment in an orderly way, meaning we use our time effectively and for the best result. They understand our business and they care.

Graham Rea, CEO - Heirloom International

Over the last 2 years APS Ltd has made a conscious choice to partner with Jeremy and the team at BuildPeople to deliver a range of highly skilled placements within our organisation.

BuildPeople have a proactive approach that differs from other mainstream recruitment agencies, where they take the time to understand our business, values, and the complexities of our organisation’s requirements; and then approach top industry professionals on our behalf. Their selection has resulted in better staff retention, a streamlined recruitment process, and a solid business relationship built on trust and delivery.

Samuel Owens - APS Ltd

I had the pleasure of dealing with Viviann at Build People – an absolutely wonderful experience throughout the entire process. It was clear from the outset that Viviann has a very strong understanding of the industry she recruits in, and a long-standing relationship with the company I interviewed with. I was guided throughout the process and had amazing support with helpful insights and knowledge. Viviann really did go the extra mile. I highly recommend Viviann and the Build People team.

Collin M. -

I highly recommend Zac and the team from Build People. They were knowledgeable, responsive and provided valuable feedback throughout the recruitment process. Zac helped me prepare for each stage of the hiring process. It was like having a personal cheerleader! I was encouraged and motivated to be my best self. Thanks to their expertise, I landed a fantastic job that is a perfect fit for my skills and experience. I am grateful for all of their help and support.

Tamsyn A. -

I had a great experience with the team securing the right role for me. They were transparent in the early stages with the candidate search, and promptly followed up with feedback after interviews. Everyone was incredibly supportive and helpful with the resignation process with my current employer, which is often a tough task when being unfamiliar in this space. The contract negotiation was a breeze and settled quickly with all involved happy, which is impressive when having to keep both client and candidate in the loop. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Build People if you’re considering a role change within the construction space. Cheers team!

Michael L. -

Zac reached out to me with an opportunity that I probably would have never considered. From the first point of contact, through to receiving the job offer, a high level of professionalism, transparency, and support was provided throughout the whole process. Zac gave me the confidence to ensure I was prepared and clearly briefed prior to each interview/meeting to be certain I went in with my best foot forward. Thank you for the opportunity Zac, I can’t wait to start!

Amy G. -

It has been a pleasure working with Sarah. She organised all of my interviews, and any little amendment or update was communicated straight away. She is very attentive, has a great personality and I was just amazed at how smooth the process has been. It’s been an amazing experience! From my initial meeting at the main office in Mt Wellington – the receptionist was polite and always smiling – it was a great experience. Thank you team.

Debbie G. -

I had a great experience working with Olivia. She was so kind and worked very hard, making sure I put my best foot forward with my application. Throughout the whole interview process and job acceptance she was very attentive, and made sure to give regular updates on the progress of my application. Olivia made sure that I would be a good fit for the company and the job would be a great fit for me. I’m loving my new job! I would 100% recommend Olivia and the team for employers and people in the market for a new opportunity.

Maddie M. -

Such a wonderful experience working with Build people. Communication throughout the whole process was amazing! Thanks to all the prompt support from Promissyi. She’s really professional, understands the building industry and always provides the right suggestion to candidates. Thank you for everything, I could never imagine that finding the right job could be that easy before knowing Build People.

Wen L. -

Build People was a great company to deal with. I was lucky enough to work with Olivia, who did an amazing job securing a new role for me. She was very informative and listened to what I was looking for. Hannah the Customer Care Manager was also very helpful and checked in to ensure things went well. Thanks for your help team!

Jason H. -

Great experience! I would recommend Aretha to anyone looking for a new role. The team at Build People was great to deal with and offered a personal placement service by truly understanding my needs. She gave me sound advice and honest feedback. Thanks for your service the entire team.

Shahina N. -

Wow, what an experience it’s been dealing with Build People. I dealt with Sophia, who is a complete professional. She is engaging, organised and really takes the time to understand who you are, the value you offer, and ensure the fit aligns well with the candidate and the opportunity. Totally recommend.

Shane G. -

I have experienced true professionalism and a client-focused recruitment agency at its best. Matt Pesce and Hannah Wallace, a sincere thank you for helping in securing my new role and making the whole process so seamless. 5 stars out of 5. I will highly recommend you, that’s for sure. Thank you.

Sharon N. -

Rose’s communication was constant, and I felt that flowed through to the Hiring Manager as well. I always felt informed of what was happening and where I stood. Thank you Rose, Hannah and the team! You did an awesome job😊

Dean M. -

Build People and Sophia went above and beyond to land me a great role, perfectly utilising my skill set and career history. Highly recommend using the crew for both recruitment and finding your next career move.

Brook R. -